Climate Day: Keynote - Moving Beyond Overwhelm, How Business Leaders Are Critical in Building a Transformative Movement for Climate Justice

Marquis Ballroom
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Don’t miss this special keynote from Rev. Lennox Yearwood Jr. as he speaks to this critical moment and the need for business leaders to step up and use their voice to hold those with decision-making power accountable to our planet and people. We each have a part to play in creating a world that is more just and that operates in service to all, not just the bottom line. Learn how we as a community of businesses can create a transformative climate movement, because there will never be climate justice without racial justice.

Rev. Yearwood is the President and Founder of Hip Hop Caucus, a minister, community activist, U.S. Air Force Veteran, and one of the most influential people in Hip Hop political life.

He is also a national climate leader, successfully bridging the gap between communities of color and environmental issue advocacy. In 2018, he helped launch Think 100%, a climate communications and activism platform that challenges environmental injustices and promotes just solutions to the climate crisis. He is one of the most powerful speakers on climate justice we've ever heard--you do not want to miss his keynote!