Reimagining Packaging: Innovations & Tools for a Sustainable Future

Level 100, Room 118
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In order to tackle the global challenges associated with plastic waste, we need the entire value chain to collaborate towards a systems approach for circular packaging solutions. OSC will kick off a panel discussion around some of the industry collaborations that are in production for 2021, including the launch of a Packaging Innovation Portal and the organization’s inaugural ‘One Step Closer to Zero Waste Campaign’. 

Both programs will serve as open source tools that companies of all sizes can use - the Campaign will help companies build awareness around their existing packaging programs and the challenges and opportunities around packaging, and the Portal will serve as a free resource to connect with key insights, material providers, certifiers, and more, with a platform to capture recent packaging innovations to drive the industry forward. Join us to learn more about these new initiatives and connect and learn with your peers in an open discussion!

About OSC: OSC was founded in 2012 to help address the industry’s most pressing challenges, leveraging the power of collaboration to propel our collaborative work around zero waste packaging, reversing climate change, conscious leadership, and building a just and regenerative society. From this mission, we have launched the OSC Packaging Collaborative, Climate Collaborative, and J.E.D.I Collaborative.