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Ancient Nutrition



At Ancient Nutrition, we believe the human body was built for high performance. In the modern world, we are disconnected from the traditions and nutritional principles that were honored and celebrated throughout history. Our whole food nutritional products are designed to provide ancient nutrients in a modern, convenient form to power the body and mind, restoring us to the health, strength, and vitality of our ancestors. This is Ancient Nutrition for the Modern World. 

Exhibiting at:
Natural Products Expo East 2021
Company Type
Brand Manufacturer
Company Attributes
Some Organic Products
Category: Vitamins, Supplements & Herbals
Digestive SupplementsHerbal Singles & FormulasProtein & Meal ReplacementSpecialty FormulasVitamins & Minerals
Product Attributes/Trends
Allergen-FreeCertified OrganicGluten-FreePlant-Based
Editor's Picks: Holistic Health & Wellbeing
Healthy FatsResponsible Meat & Dairy ProteinTime Honored Heritage IngredientsTime Honored Processing
Editor's Picks: Modern Life
Optimized DietsQuest for Rest

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